Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Exam 70-506 ( TS: Silverlight 4, Development )

In November I gave the beta exam for silverlight 4, it took me more then four hours to complete the exam questions, review and comment. For beta exams you do not get the score right away, exactly after three months I got an email from Microsoft stating that I passed the beta exam for silverlight  and now I am certified Silverlight 4,Developer.

Silverlight exam is now released and is available through prometric testing centers and the exam number is 70-506. I like  beta exams because they are challenging, one reason is you don't get ready made material to study all you have is MSDN documents, blogs,some samples and forums. There is a huge community support for silverlight and luckily there where some good books in the market. I find many of my fellow programmers worried about not able to find definite material to prepare for the exam. I am going to put together a list of  useful links that will help to prepare for the exam.

Exam details on Microsoft learning.

Some good books
Professional Silverlight 4
Silverlight 4 in Action
Pro Silverlight for the Enterprise
Microsoft Silverlight 4 Data and Services Cookbook



Silverlight Show Getting ready for silverlight exam 70-506

Mark’s Blog

Microsoft training catalog

Silverlight Documents on MSDN

Silverlight 4 Hands On Labs

List of all popular books

Chanel 9 - What's New in Silverlight 4

Videos and screen cast


For developers having right experience the exams are not really tough but I would say the questions are tricky so make sure you have good hands-on experience with silverlight before you appear for the exam. Although the exam focuses on sivlerlight 4, I would say Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend are inevitable tools for a silverlight developer. I have tried to put together some of the good links, if you find some more good links please put them in the comments


  1. Hi! Vikas, Congratulations first of all for being a Silverlight 4 Certified. By the way you were always inspirational source for me. I think these links going to be helpful to every one. Though If I find any new link I will post it here.


    Mitesh Patel.
    Developer at Heritage Propane.

  2. Exam 70-506 is intended for software developers who are creating rich Internet-based applications using Silverlight. The exam focuses mainly on Silverlight 4, but also covers core Silverlight concepts.Silverlight 4 development course is now simplified by experts of real exams, now using this study material you can get high grades because these are very close to real exam questions & answers.


  3. HI Vikas,
    It hearty congrats that you are a Silverlight 4 Certified developer.

    Definitely above links are usefull for all Silverlight Developer .

    If you some more things to share that will better for guidance.

    Arjun - Pune

  4. Hi Vikas :)

    I'm a computer system engineering student in Mexico, thanks to Dream Spark I'll have this exam scheduled, but I think I choose a difficult exam for me, due to I'm not really advanced in Silverlight Development.

    but well... ¿How the questions look like? there are open questions, multiple option, some cases?

  5. I agree with Exam 70-506 is intended for software developers who are creating rich Internet-based applications using Silverlight. it is covering all concept of silverlight.